Looks like I'm gonna build my shelter again

Such a messed up world we're living in today

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How am I doing? Let me know, please!

Just keep in mind a few things before you comment:

  • I haven't played a huge amount of TF2. Most of what I know is based on watching others play and watching the Meet The ___ videos. I am awful at FPS games, honestly. :[
  • I'm not confident with typing out Sniper's accent. I just kind of drop it and write any spoken words as I would normally. This isn't to say he isn't speaking in an Australian accent, though, because he is. :)

I welcome all constructive criticism, just be nice about it (e.g: no 'your Sniper sucks, he's the worst') please.

All comments will be screened by default but if you DO NOT mind it being unscreened, or you want to see my reply, LET ME KNOW. LJ unscreens comments by default once they're replied to so I will rescreen it if you don't say anything. Then you will not get a response. :[ Anon is enabled but at the first sign of trolling it will be disabled.

Thanks a bunch, mate!
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